Repeating Group to Display Different Types of Objects?

I have an application with a repeating group that displays a list of objects. The object comes from a table and has 5 or 6 columns, and each are displayed in a text element in the current cell.

I’d like to allow the repeating group to display a different object - almost like an advertisement, so you would see several rows with data, and then one row that looked very different, then a few more rows of normal data, and then another special row that looked very different.

If I stored BOTH types of objects in the same underlying table or object — and used a column to classify its type (normal vs. advertisement)---- could I set all of the text elements that display the normal data to display the data conditionally?

I think this would work ---- but is there a BETTER way?

Thinking Outside the List

Yes, this would work. A couple other ways:

  • Create a new table [called, say, rg-list items] and then include a type on the table [e.g., normal or advertisement] and then a connection to the object [either the normal item or the advertisement thing]. Then have the RG search this new table and grab items. This also requires database changes which can be a bit of a maintenance cost.
  • You might also find creative ideas like have a list of normal things in the RG. And include a group within each cell that is set to display if the thing is item 3, 6, 9, 12, etc. And in those cells, have it display an ad.
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Thank you - I’ll give it a try!!

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