Displaying university names through google places

Does anyone know how to store the name of a university through the google place api? When I set the parameter to “University” the user can search by “school name” but it is stored in my database as the address no matter how I configure it.


Is there a better way to display this so I can get the actual name of the institution and not the address?


Couldn’t you just find a free directory of all the Universities in the US and then copy and paste it into a dropdown? Or better, copy and paste the directory into a multi-select dropdown as this will then give you the ability to search for any university on that directory within an input.

@jamesbond I thought about this but wouldn’t it slow the product down by trying to search 1,000s of schools?

Nope, because it works on the client side (I think) so you’re not actually saving the data in the database, all you’re doing is listing a set of static values in a dropdown. Trying to connect to a directory using an api would be much slower, although you could use a couple plugins that are pretty quick (e.g. the “Algolia Places” plugin or the “Fastest Google Places Autocomplete” plugin - both from @ZeroqodeSupport). The problem with using those plugins are that they aren’t just restricted to searching universities, which is why you’d probably want to build this yourself. I’ll create a gif/video to show you.




This is amazing, thank you!

Just bear in mind that you would need to install the “Multiselect Dropdown” plugin from the plugin store (the one created by Bubble) and use it rather than the already-installed dropdown element.

Do you know how to fix the issues below? I have it to where the page can’t zoom in, but now I’m getting this problem where each letter on the keyboard will bounce the screen.

Looks like a bug. Report it