Places name not working

Please help. Places name is only showing up if you use text input and drop results in a repeating group. However, this requires adding additional information into the text field which is not how we search these days.
The Auto complete search box returns a full name but when attempting to store the PLACE NAME it returns the address. The only way I can extract the place name from the auto populated search field is by using the copy tool, but… I can’t past it anywhere automatically. This is super frustrating! :sob: any help would be greatly appreciated.

In the image provided A. is an auto-populated search box with a constraint to current geographic location. Notice the name then the “,” comma? Follow the arrows. They are pointing towards a NAME display. Store the name display the name stored. B. is a text input box that will only display the nearby location “only” after adding a zipcode or city but this does not solve the problem.

How can we get the name from the auto-populated seachbox? I can see it right there next to the red A. on the image. I tried pulling it from the maps api and stealing the alternate place_id, same result.

Begging at this point. Thank you in advance

@aphz88 did you figure anything out?
@charly what about you?
@joshua.luna0 any luck on your end?
@beastbe23 you?
@sam14 currently having the same issue?

Dear @serviluvapp , it is just impossible with this tool.

You have to use the Google API to get all the data you need :slight_smile:

No plugins will help you. But it is possible, and I did it

Have a nice day


I am using the google api. Still I am unable to get the place name @charles4. ALL of the data you see in that image is coming from the google api

I found a work around. I can’t tell if this is luck or if I’m violating some ruleset or what but I don’t want to mess it up. Hopefully someone else will jump in and let me know what I’m doing is not foul play and I’d be happy to share. It’s not perfect but it works.

@charles4 Thanks for jumping in. I found a solution and I’ll try to get some screen shots up so others can learn from my naivety going forward.

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