Displaying users post on my home page


My app allows users to create posts. I want to be displayed on my home page. however I do not want to use a repeating group I really do not want to create a scrolling option. I just want it to display one post in a group and another post in another group.

Can this be achieved without the usage of repeating group.


  1. you can fix number of cells (rows/columns) in Repeating Group and change the way it’s displayed, so it doesn’t add any scrollbars (layout style: fixed number of cells). So you can make it only display for example 2 posts.

  2. you can make repeating group 1x1 (so 1 cell) with layout as above and display just 1 item (item # in search). Or random post each time (random item in search).

  3. Or you can use Group element to display just 1 post (item # or random item or any other search criteria to find just 1 item), and put 2 or more Group on your page to display different posts.

  4. You can set custom state for current page/user/element that will contain just 1 or 2 posts. Then use Text elements on the page to get the post(s) text, author, whatever you need from the state.

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