Distinct data types sharing UID's & referencing eachother improperly

Hi Bubblers,

Two different data types (in my case, “cart” and “class”) seem to be sharing unique ID’s. When I refer to a data type “cart” from a type “payment method”, the data type “cart” is being referred to with a “Class” unique ID.

In other words, I have data types A (“Cart”) B (“Payment method”) & C (“Class”) who reference each other. However, when I refer to B’s A "Payment method’s Cart), what should be A’s unique ID (Cart’s Cart unique ID) is instead referring to C’s unique ID (Class’ Class unique ID).

Here are some screenshots showing where A (Cart) and C (Class) appear to be sharing a unique ID (this is consistent), that A and C are indeed different types, and of the workflows that create the references. What am I doing wrong or is this a bug?



Hi @Jacob_D,

How exactly is this causing problems in your app? They are two different Things of two different data types, so it doesn’t seem like it should be an issue. If two different Things of the same data type shared the same UID, then yeah, that would be cause for concern.

Or are you saying that you actually see data from one type where you expect to see data from the other type?


Two different things of two different data types share a UID. When I want to link my “Payment method” to its “Cart,” it is instead adding the “Class” UID where it should instead be the “Cart’s” UID. I am seeing data from one type where I expect to see data from the other type. I can’t link my “Payment method” to its “Cart” because it is replacing the Cart’s UID with the Cart’s Class UID.

That, in and of itself, should not be a problem.

In your second-to-last screenshot, both a Cart and Class are clearly being set for the Payment Option data type.

(I don’t understand what Class is or how it’s being used, and you didn’t share its data structure; although I’m not sure any of that’s relevant to the perceived issue.)

I don’t see that in any screenshot, but if you’re seeing a field value (other than the UID) of one type where you expect to see data from the other type in the front end, then you should submit an official bug report.

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