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Experiencing strange Data Types behaviour

Dear Bubblers,

I am bumping into same issue again, when I change smth in a WF or Dropdowns, like send data to pages when there is a reference to User type. I see that my Bookings data type gets changes to User! Now I see two User types in Data types list. What is worse if I change wrong one to Bookings again I need check each piece of WF as references are srewed also. Am I doing something wrong here? I do not think that Data Types should be updated easy witout any consideration as this is a critical piece of any application.

Please let me know if you’ve seen the same and what is the best strategy to restore? Live copy seems ok.

I have occasionally seen the editor get messed up. The best thing to do is close all browser windows, make sure the browser is completely dead and not still running background tasks (i.e. close all instances in task manager/reboot), then clean out the history and cache/cookies relating to the bubble domains and then re-open. It then sorts itself out. (or has so far!)

I’ve never experienced the DB arbitrarily creating/updating entries. Also, you should never have the option to delete the User type.

It’s possible to have a WF that creates a DB item, have you checked your WFs thoroughly to confirm you didn’t mistakenly add the operation to a workflow?

If the editor is acting funky, I start with what Dave has suggested. If that doesn’t clear up the problem, try to replicate the behavior in another browser. If you are able to replicate it in another browser, it’s very likely a bug. Submit the report.

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I feel it’s a bug, I am sure there is nothing to create or modify a Data Type in my workflow.

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