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Distributing your mobile app cross-platform via "Install to Home Screen"


I have been able to successfully use a json-based manifest file approach hosted on Bubble and referenced by my mobile app to save a link of my app following the instruction on the link below. I see this as a real solution to distribute my app on Android devices as this solution allows for a more “native” look.

The only issue I am faced with and I am hoping for some assistance is with the initial zoom when the app is launched. Currently when you launch the app, it is set zoomed all the way in, I need for the app to scale according to the device size at launch time. Even when the user manually zooms all the way out, the app has some height issues.

I have tried different meta viewport settings in the header but nothing seems to address my issue.

any ideas?

sorry @emmanuel but is there a way to manipulate the viewport settings of a native page?

No (except maybe modifying the HTML file we sent you).

Nice approach Rogelio. You should do as emmanuel says and modify the HTML file. You can make a routine for editing certain values for each time you generate a new app.

This approach is not packaged in to an executable file, but rather it is the same HTML page pulled down and display without the browser URL bar etc… to give it a native look. So changing the HTML settings in the file I received wont achieve anything as it is not used at all in this method.

The settings need to be applied to the page where the native app is on the Bubble platform so that it can be properly displayed when shown on a mobile device.

This is what I am seeing when in the inspection tool…as you can see the zoom is all the way in…

Are you sure there is not conflicting content in your app that refuses to resize below a certain width? Inspect and try to find which one is having fixed with or restricting lower screen width.