DNS - Google Domains - How to add ALIAS / ANAME DNS?

Hi all,

I have purchased a domain name with Google Domains.
I have been able to add the CNAME DNS but I wasn’t able to add the ALIAS/ANAME DNS (can’t find this type in Google Domains and app.bubble.io doesn’t work with type A).

So far, when I check settings on Bubble it says “you’re all set. www.domainname.com is working and ready to go” and I can access the app with my browser.

However, on certain conditions (first time I type domainname.com on Chrome without the www. for instance) it seems that domainname.com doesn’t redirect to my app.

How can I add the ALIAS/ANAMA DNS on Google Domains ? (I have checked many topics on the forum and didn’t find the answer).

Thanks a lot for your help!

Here’s the topic you’re looking for:

Thanks a lot!
I tought I had read all the topics but obviously not.

I followed the steps, will see if it works.

Have a nice day.

Were you able to get this figured out? I don’t see the option for ALIAS/ANAME in Google Domains. Sifted through linked provided by @deliriousmiles but not able to track down the solution. Thanks!

Basically you’re going to add the CNAME record for www.
Then you setup a synthetic record to forward the bare domain to www.yourdomain.xyz

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