Issues with DNS records value

hi everyone,
I am trying to setup a domain name to my bubble app and the DNS records given back are:
Type: ALIAS/ANAME Name: Value:
Type: CNAME Name:www

Am i supposed to get IP address instead of How can i configure my registrar with that?

Thanks a lot


Hi there

I actually had the same question just a few hours prior. I have not figured it out yet unfortunately. It seems that most registrants don’t have a problem with the domain, however godaddy, (My registrar) won’t accept it down the alias record but will for name. Anyways, here’s the link

Thanks @SCEnterprises. i still haven’t found a workaround here.

I am using OVH by the way. is there any OVH bubblers in this forum to help?


I found a way to fix it by deleting my bare domain and setup again the www.domain. I used CNAME www records to setup my DNS. It worked!
Hope this could help others.


Awesome! This worked for me as well. Deleted my domain ( in bubble settings and re-entered it with the format In my google domains settings, I added CNAME record pointing to

Now I still need an A record to setup SSL encryption. Have you done this Sylvain?

Hi @frank2 you dont need to add an A record for google & ssl is already with cloudflare,
might want to try this:

That worked, thank you very much! Just have to ignore the red error message.

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hello Sylvain ! And for your root domain ? Is it ok with safari and chrome ? Is SSL enabled in your Bubble interface ?

Hi @frank2 @charly , unfortunately i still have issue with my root domain, “server cannot be found” on Safari.
I don’t see SSL enabled in my Bubble interface.
still need some help here… anyone solved this?
thanks a lot

Resolved yesterday, OVH too. Works perfectly today. Here is my solution, :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

On Bubble I have :

with domain name : (because on this thread it was mentionned to use format rather than

on my DNS Zone (OVH provider) I entered CNAME www

On bubble I still have this error message :

Does anyone have an idea?


Did you manage to resolve this? Getting the same issue currently. Works on Chrome but Safari “can’t find the server”

Any help?

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