DNS - cant get to work

Been trying to work this one out and searched to Forums but bought a domain on and have followed the DNS guidelines as best i can but…

  • I’ve removed empty A records
  • setup the CNAME (below screenshot)
  • setup new A record with the ALIAS/ANAME values (below screenshot)

i have read that the ALIAS/ANAME is different to the A record and was wondering if anyone had a similar problem and how they resolved it? - bubble guideline said maybe i have to redirect?


can you show us a screenshot of all the A records you have? it says one of them is pointing to “”

Thanks for replying - i ended up using Bubbles troubleshooting of changing nameservers via namecheap (for free) and then applying the ALIAS/ANAME and CNAME DNS entries to the bubble recommended one in the screenshot above.

Also used the GSuite Dig (dns lookup) tool to validate and check the records once they updated

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