Do A Search For Not Working As Expected

Wow, I’m lost trying to do something I feel I know how to do! Help!

I have a data type called Location:

It has some locations available.

Then, I have a data type called Teacher.
Teachers have a field for a list of Locations:

I’m trying to create a few repeating groups of teachers based on if they have a location selected.
(Excuse the in-progress design)

But when I try to limit the list of teachers I get stuck with an error:

I can’t type in the red “click” input field. And I can’t select from my previously-entered locations.

What am I missing?


If you click on the red “Click” you should be able to do another search, but this time you will search for locations and put in the criteria you want to limit by.

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@mebeingken Thank you!

I had done that a bunch of times but forgot do the very last step: return first item.

Whenever I have this kind of search within a search I have a hard time seeing it because of the extra clicks and no indicator that there’s another layer.

Thank you again! I was sure I knew how to do it but was stuck in my tracks.

I know the feeling! Those layered searches make us think. Glad you found it.

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