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When I use a search box input field and select the choices style as geographic places to find places near the location specified the value of the search box field comes as empty. What could be the cause for it. It functions well to show the places as per the types value in the dropdown below … however on selecting the value and trying to save the input field value in the database the value is empty

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Hi, i think i’m facing the same issue.

I would like to make my search input to match the text value field of a datatype called “transport” there’s two field in this datatype that i want my search box input to match

  1. “departure”
  2. “destination”

I know i could “merge” those two parameters in order to make the search input to match the value 1 OR value 2, as explained in this tutorial here by @romanmg, however i think this is not where the problem come from.

I think the problem is the format value of the data fields which aren’t text but adresses, i will try to fix this by using anonther field in this datatype in order to describe the same value but in text format.

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