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Do I need to apply a privacy rule or change my popup logic?


I’m nearly where I need to be with my app setup, but I have one issue I can’t seem to pass and I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t have a privacy rule applied or my app logic is incorrect.

Here we have a list of companies. When you click on a company, more information will about the company will appear (Box 1).

But in Box 2, you should see what data the company has on you. The only issue I am having is that the data displayed is not for that user, it’s showing the first entry on the of the company customers and not showing the personal data for the user that is logged in. I’m not sure the best way to tackle this, because the Parent Group Data type needs to be company, in order for the popup to pull the right company information, but then I need a way for the users information for that company to pull through and this is where I’m getting stuck.


Title (title)
Users (list of users)

If “current user” is in “company users”

Thanks, are you referring to the privacy rules?

If anyone has any insight to this it would be super helpful, I am still stuck.