Privacy Warning Despite Having Set Privacy Rules

I am receiving a Privacy Warning popup despite having set privacy rules on some of my data. Anyone else facing the same issue? Am I doing something incorrectly?

Every time I try to setup Privacy settings, my app completely breaks and a bunch of stuff stops working. Does anyone out there actually know what we are supposed to be aware of with privacy settings?

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Can you email support with a link to the editor and we’ll have a look.

Thank you @emmanuel. Bubble is truly amazing! I listened to your interview on mixergy. Congrats!

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Did you find the way out from this situation? I am in the same soup right now. My app isn’
t working properly.

Hi @jay5 it is tough to diagnose what is happening with your app without access to it but when using privacy settings you should be strict and deliberate with what a user can access and when. For example, when a user is logged in and they are an “admin” (for example because in the user database their user record has admin yes/no as “yes”) they can access XYZ files. If you are not super deliberate (meaning you do not have the exact rules) with what users can access and when, then you might come across problems (for example, not the correct users can access XYZ files).

Thanks @tmuelle1 for the quick response. What’s exactly happening:

  1. I added some privacy rules to my app yesterday.
  2. I removed the search the fields option for everyone.
  3. Today a user reached out saying he cannot access some parts of the system.
  4. Upon inspection, I found there was a search field for type Invoices which I had removed option of from privacy.
  5. So I go back to data privacy and delete all the rules for the time being.
  6. I make it live.

Now, even after removing all privacy rules around the type Invoice, and giving all the permissions to everyone – the app still is showing an empty result on search for invoices for that user (i saw this using inspect element from his profile – and the search did not get any results - so the page doesnt move forward at all. My workflows need to do a search and execute few things based on invoices empty yes – or invoices empty no)

Hope this provides some more context to my situation. Would love to know if the data privacy settings take time to get published or something like that?