Do I need to design the database beforehand or not necessarily?

I’m in the discovery phase :crazy_face: and I apologize in advance if I’m not always clear with the right jargon. I’m currently doing a Sign-in and Sign-up tuto and I’m a bit frustrated, basically it’s just making 3 screens, I want to do a real Onboarding with more screens for creating an account and a Dashboard for the logged in user and make everything responsive.
In the auto the account creation page with the email and password inputs automatically creates a database. I would like to know if I want to add information like age, place of residence, photos, etc., do I have to think / create this Database table beforehand and map it with the inputs or can I directly do the inputs and they will be directly added to the table?


Yes, yes, yes. Always plan your database structure. Always.


Thank you for your help. I understood that I need to create the database structure first. I will look for a tutorial on that.

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There is also something that I don’t understand. When I did the first tests of the inputs by signing up, I could see the email data in a table in the Data tab. But then I deleted everything to start over. Now, when I sign up again, I don’t have any data in the data, but I’m logged with the email and password that I entered. How is that possible? Where are these data stored?

How do you know?

@georgecollier in preview mode, login address in header next to logout

Just a small addition to what @georgecollier replied - don’t overthink DB if you are not an experienced bubbler. Read the official manual to get the basics about data types, searches and performance. And start with enough-to-play DB setup. The beauty of Bubble is that you’ll be able to restructure your DB scheme pretty easy and fast if you are moving carefully.

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The USER data type comes as default DATA THING, together with its subsequent fields (Email, Password, Created date and Modified date). Hope this helps.

Just read about database denormalization vs normalization.
That will be enough to understand how you should structure your database depending on your case.


Database Normalization vs. Denormalization | by Ehsan Maiqani | Analytics Vidhya | Medium.

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Thank you for your answer. I have noticed that the USER data type comes as default DATA THING, as you said. However, since I deleted all the registered accounts, now no new account appears. Do you know why this is happening?

I have read and it is still obscure for me.

You sign a user up by using the sign up user action.

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There are several options in YT and Bubble has video tutorials as well in their KB for each topic.

I found Building with Bubble. Lachlan K. has very good starter intros and up to 3 hours of of free video tutorials in his YT channel. There are many others that provide step by step as well.

Once you have a clear idea of your build, outline your database, Option sets are key Hope this helps.

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I’ve finished setting up my registration process, which spans across six screens. There are a few cosmetic and ergonomic tweaks left to make, but that’s not my primary focus right now.
My current challenge is ensuring that all necessary fields are filled out before the user can proceed to the next step by clicking on the “Suivant” (Next) button.

This is straightforward when there’s only one registration screen with fields for email and password. However, I’m unsure how to handle it when there are multiple screens with various inputs before the registration can be finalized.

For instance, the first step of my process requires the user to fill out the following fields:

Full name



Confirm password

Once these fields are completed, the user should be able to proceed to the second screen, which asks for additional information such as:


Place of birth


The final, sixth screen is where the user can upload photos and click the registration CTA.

What do I choose in the settings of step 1 that ensures all necessary fields are filled out before the user can move on to the next step and ultimately register in my database?
Thanks again for your help.

Thank you for your suggestions. I’m almost finished now. The forum has been really necessary for me. If you have the URL I would appreciate.

I did it,

but I just realized that I had to create multiple data types.

Is it possible to move the “Gender and search preferences” data types to the users’ database?

Thanks :pray:t3:

Sure Here is the link for the Channel hope this helps.

I see you have built the fields, and the go to pages to proceed to the next one. Great Start.

You may want to look into the use of groups that show and hide within the same page and custom states. Also, something that can be found often is to sign the user up with the name email and pw and then send them to a profile page to complete the rest of the necessary fields and use the option make changes to a thing in this case the current user.

Also remember any information recorded needs to be saved into the data base or it will get lost when you select the go to page. I see you figured it out and signed up the user on the same step.

As for the must complete fields, you here is an image of the box that needs to be checked, you can also change the color of the button and disable its workflow until all fields are complete, or hide it and only show once all are complete.

You will need to create the new field within USER.

Also are you using a fixed layout, or will this be completed on a PC tablet, mobile, just in case so you can consider it to be responsive according to the screen it displays.

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  1. As this is my first time using Bubble, I’ll consider it for sure later on.
  2. If I understand correctly my first page consists of the registration and the others are for adding new fields on USER database, right?
    So, should I delete what I’m going to add in the USER? So, I delete this :point_down:t3:
  3. Yes the pages are responsive but that’s not really my priority right now.