How to set up login accounts etc

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New to Bubble here. Super super noob question. But can anyone point me in the right direction how to set up accounts for user sign ups and storing password login name and passwords?

I’m trying to create a shopping app for seniors and will be doing registering for them so I don’t need to make a signup page. Just trying to figure out where I can create a database where I can input this data in the back end for them to sign up.



I suggest just using the one that gets created when you make a new web app. To be honest I just modify that one when I need to. When you get the hang of that one, you’ll be able to add other conditions, but that one works fine.

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I think i’m trying to do that but not too sure. I have made the input fields for login and passw and the login button. But how to do u make it check the data inputed and from where?

Does it check the data from the data tab? Under user type? or App data? I put in a mock entry in app data, but dunno how to get the workflow to check the data listed in the data tab.

In the work flow tab, for e-mail should i make it so that “Input e-mail’s value is…” current user, do a search for? or like how to do i make it retrieve data from the entries I’ve put in the data tab?


Hey Ian, welcome to Bubble!

If you’re creating an account for others, I suggest creating a form on a page for yourself with at least an input to enter in an email address. Then, create a workflow when a button is clicked. The action you want here is “Create an account for someone else”

The email field for that action can be set to the email input’s value. That action alone will create a new User record (and you’ll see it in the Data tab under Users).

You’ll see that that action also allows you to save any other fields you may have like name, etc.

Saving a password for a user created in this way means you need to “assign a temporary password” and save the value or email it to the user so that they know what it is.

Alternatively, if these senior users are giving you all of their credentials, you could use the traditional “Sign up a user” action and enter in email and password directly with inputs created for each. This will also create a new user (and also automatically log you in as that user).

Hope this helps - let me know if you still need help.

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Excellent! I did just that! So now I see the entry. But am I able to edit existing passwords? I don’t see “passwords” when I try to modify an existing database view. And to start making user accounts do i just make a set group of pages for each account? Or is there a function somewhere where manage specfic fields such as how much money is on the account etc…

Bubble doesn’t expose user passwords in the Data tab as a measure of security.

To update a user’s password, you’ll need to use the “Update User Credentials” action. Keep in mind that this actions updates the password for the Current User and requires the current password to succeed, so you’d need to be logged in as that user (which, technically you can do by clicking “Run as” from the User table in Data) AND have the current password.

Otherwise, you can “Assign a temporary password” and have the user update it themselves when they log in with it.

Overall, I’d stay away from saving password values to the database.


Thank you, I read the complete post. I am building task management application. We want to store username/password in our own sql database, as we have another interface outside of bubble which creates user accounts and stores user names and passwords in mysql database.
How can we make user log in to bubble and have bubble authenticate user/pass from our mysql database, we have rest api for that can be called with user/password.
We are stuck here, please suggest or their is better way. We cannot use gmail or facebook auth as we create so many temp users and delete them and directly give user-id/passwords to users for their use.
Thank you


If there is an option to authorize access to the MySQL database with OAuth2, then you can try that. Your user would signup/login with the credentials from your external application just like any other social signup (facebook, google, et.). You can use the API Connector to do this with the authentication setting set to OAuth2.

There’s a bit more to the setup (lots of threads in the forum here with examples), but I’d try this route so that you’re not having to manage two sets of credentials.

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Ok I created a log in using sign up and log in buttons and it just works fine. But if I copy paste an adress of an internal page it will load even when the user is not logged in, which is a huge no no. How do I fix it?? I want that page to not load at all if the user isn’t logged in.

Hi, did you solved this? I am having the same problem.

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anyone knows how to run sign up and login api of my app in post man ?