Do I need to keep the bubble plan running for the cloud to work?

Let’s take an example:

I create my app in a month by buying the plan.
Then I publish my app and at the moment I don’t need Bubble until I have to update the app.

My app is managed with the cloud to manage user data.

If I don’t keep Bubble’s plan running, the cloud won’t work.
Is what I say correct?

What solutions can there be?

Thank you very much.

If you do not have a paid plan, your app will revert back to the free tier which prevents access to most features and significantly reduces the number of database entries you can have.

For Bubbles pricing, think of it like a cell phone bill. If you want to use the phone, you have to keep paying the cell phone bill. You don’t pay, you lose service. With bubble, you are paying for the service each and every month.


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