Payment of the plan after the project is completed and released into production

Hello everyone)

I’m currently doing a project on bubble for myself. I do it on a paid plan. When I complete the project and release it, will I have to pay for this plan every month that I’m currently doing it on? Or after the project is completed, will it function normally on a free tariff? I don’t understand what will happen when I finish my project.

Please explain. Thanks.


Great question! All Bubble plans include hosting for your application, so when you are done building and ready to deploy to live, you can continue maintaining your application on a paid plan so that its live version is accessible to your users. Let us know if that helps or if you have any more questions!

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Thank you for your answer. It turns out that if I switch to a free plan after creating the app, then my site will not work?

If you switch to a Free plan, you can access the development version of your application at, but the live version is supported on our paid plans.

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