Do not allow certain input with autobinding active fields

I am using input fields with auto-binding switched on.
I know I can prevent users from inputing wrong data by adding a save button that only works when input value us correct, but is it also somehow possible to achieve the same with auto-binding active for fields?

Hi there, @bubble48… can you give an example of what you mean by inputting wrong data? What is the content format of the input you are using and what is the field type of the field to which you are auto-binding? If both of those are text and you are trying to disallow certain characters, then auto-binding may not be the best way to go.


I have fields where the users can enter a link to a social media site. I found out that some users add spam links to other sites than intended. For example in the Instagram url field only a Instagram url should be entered. So I need to make sure that the input contains “”.

In that case, I would suggest that instead of using auto-binding, use the An input’s value is changed workflow event (which works pretty much the same as auto-binding), and add a condition to the event so that the event runs only when the input’s value is valid.

great thanks a lot @mikeloc

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