Do plugins not work when app is transferred?

I’m on an Agency account and just finished developing an app for a client. I paid a one-time fee for a plugin which I needed. Everything worked fine. As soon as I transferred the app to the client, the functionality that had to do with the plugin stopped working. While troubleshooting I noticed that all the actions in the workflow that had to do with that plugin were not taking place and when I went to the plugin page (the client is now the app owner but has added me as admin), I now see that the plugin indicates that there is no active license/subscription and indicates that I should pay again.

Do plugins, even once paid for, and applied to an application, not move around with the application if an application is transferred?

Also, if I were to purchase the plugin again for the app now owned by the client, would I get charged or would the client get charged? As in, would the plugin be charged to the user who made the purchase/subscription or the person who owns the app?

Any insights would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Hey Sean,

that’s really weird as it works all the time. able to share which plugin?

That’s what I would have expected too.

Sure. It’s WB Export (CSV / XLSX)

I had only faced this issue once with this plugin Download CSV from Repeating Group Plugin | Bubble and all I did was to “rewire” the workflow again.

Hmm, the one you referenced is a free plugin so perhaps the “license” issue wasn’t applicable in your case and only a “rewiring” of the workflow was needed.

My case is pretty strange though. Because if I bought the license for an app, assigned it to app X, and then transferred app X to my client, I would think that the license would still applicable – but apparently, it’s not. :pensive:

Agency plan allows you to add any paid plugins without paying the price or subscription, think of it as a developer license.
Your final client, after app transfer, has to buy/subscribe to all plugins used by the app.


Thanks. This is really helpful. So if I were to purchase the license now that the app is transferred to the client’s account (even though they’ve added me as an admin to the app), would I be charged since I’m the one who’s making the purchase or would the client be charged since they’re now the owner of the app in which the plugin is being used?

Your client will be charged.

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Thank you.