"Do when" (a Thing changed) not working in the last 24h

Hi, in the last 24th me and my users experienced what looks like a problem in Bubble’s systems.

My app manages the interaction among 2 users that are using 2 different pages on 2 different devices (page A and page B).
The user on page A makes a change on a Thing.
Page B has a workflow “Do When” that should fire as soon as the relevant Thing is changed.

This worked for months. Today, for most of the day, it was not working (several of my clients complained). Now looks like it is working again ( I didn’t change anything) but I’m very scared about the situation. I had to call/write all my clients begging for pardon as my service was down.

Does anybody knows what happed? Could this happen again?
The page https://status.bubble.io/ doesn’t show any problem…

I see that today there was an incident report: Bubble Status - Issues with Main Bubble Cluster
but it says it was solved 18 hours ago while my problem was still there few hours ago…

:flushed: Did you have any response from Bubble?
Filed a bug report?

I just filed Bug report #15986

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