Well the things that used to work, they don't work now

In the immortal words of Warren Zevon, my shit’s fucked up.

What’s particularly frustrating is that I haven’t made any changes whatsoever in several weeks. A functionality that used to work (going back one month with a datepicker) now doesn’t work but only one page. It works fine on all the others.

I’ve noticed similar issues on a few other occasions. I won’t change anything, but the app will start to respond differently. For example, text on a page that is supposed to change based on a variable, will stop changing, after working fine since inception, and with literally no changes made in developer mode.

I’m losing my mind a little bit, and I know this is unhelpfully vague, but has anyone else experienced something like this? Any tips?

I’m fine with things not working because of changes I made, but if it’s something in Bubble’s back end breaking an app that otherwise worked, that’s not cool.

Technical Bugs (related to workflows etc.) can be introduced when an update is pushed. Most of the time they are fixed within hours or days of being reported. Same goes for visual bugs (like font size not changing, responsiveness issues, etc.), but sometimes they are due to browser acting out and a refresh of page or a browser restart fixes the issue at hand.

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