"Do when condition is true" for element inside repeating group

I have an element inside a repeating group that changes a custom state based on user interaction. I want to trigger a custom workflow when the state is “yes”.

I know how to do this for elements that are not in a repeating group: simply use the “Do when condition is true” event, and add the condition you want in the “only when” field. However, elements in repeating groups aren’t available in that field, so I can’t use the state of an element inside a repeating group here.

Is there another way to trigger a workflow based on the state of an element in a repeating group?


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What exactly are you trying to do? If you’re changing a state based on user interaction why not just use that interaction to trigger the workflow instead, why set the state?


You can do it with this plugin

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As @Eugene_West says, use @vini_brito 's Orchestra or Satellite plug-in. I use Satellite for things like this as it’s like sending a custom message to anything that’s listening (antenna) to react to. So it ends up working like a “Do when condition is true event” but for when the element is not in the same context as the page or reusable such as in a repeating group or for nested reusables.

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In this particular case, it’s because the element being clicked is a reusable element, which doesn’t allow the option to trigger a workflow from a click.

I also thing there may be other use cases that don’t involve REs where you might want to trigger a workflow from a state change of an element in a repeating group, so I didn’t want to limit my question to REs. For example, a state within a RG may depend on multiple other actions / states and tying the workflow to any single one of those wouldn’t work.

@Eugene_West I’m familiar with the Orchestra plugin but don’t see how it would work in this case. I’m trying to trigger a workflow from a state change on an element in a RG - but as far as I understand, Orchestra allows workflows to be triggered ON each cell in a RG, but not FROM an arbitrary element in it. Am I missing something? How would you set it up?

@gazinhio - as I mentioned above I don’t think the Orchestra plugin would work but it sounds like the Satellite functionality is exactly what I’m looking for, I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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Can you make a short screen record with all workflows, including ones that should be triggered by the state?
Do all action manually

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