Hovering on a group changes the custom state of an element?

Hello people,

Could someone help me understand how can I change the app’s custom state when a group is hovered?

Basically, when the group is hovered, a custom state should be changed to an element that is within this group.

I’ve tried searching over Bubble forum but I couldn’t find a solution for this.

Thank you!

Hi there, @petrovic.teodor… you should be able to use the Do when condition is true workflow event to do what you described. You would put a condition on the event that runs the event only when the group is hovered, and you would have an action in the event that sets the custom state.

Hope this helps.


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Hey @mikeloc , thank you for your response. I’m happy to hear it is possible and that it seems simple. In the workflow condition (Only when), I couldn’t find that group for some reason. The group I want to be hovered then state changed is within a repeating group, maybe I cannot find it because of that reason?

Maybe this plugin can help you - Orchestra (repeating group addon) Plugin | Bubble

Natively you can’t have access to a group that is available inside the repeating groups.

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Hi @petrovic.teodor

You are right, groups in a repeating group are kinda “walled-in” their repeating group, and i dont think that there is a straightforward and efficient way to do this on native bubble.

Vini Brito made a super powerful plugin which overcomes the walls of the repeating groups. It has a bit of a learning curve but if you want your app’s repeating groups to be more functional it definately is worth the time.

If you have any questions regarding the setup feel free to ask.

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Thank you a lot people. I will check out the plugin as my app is like 80% of repeating groups so 100% it is going to benefit. :slight_smile:

Thanks once again and have a great week!

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Hello @nico.dicagno , I have just installed the plugin in my app, and I am having a bit of a struggle to realize how to make work what I’ve described. I would appreciate your help by outlining how would you solve this situation:

So basically, I have Repeating Group A, with A groups inside.

I have a repeating Group B, with B groups inside, and each B group could be referencing (in the database) to any A group.

When A group is hovered → all B groups that reference to that A group, should be highlighted.

I imagined making it by doing Custom State each time A group is hovered, then highlighting B groups by that custom state.

What do you think?

Hi again Petrovic and sorry for the delay.

I was actually fiddling around with your problem and apparently the Orchestra plugin is not enough to solve it, mainly because your main issue is not sending data in and out of repeating groups; it is firing the workflow in the first place. Orchestra does not help with that.

Checkout this plugin, i havent tried it myself but it seems to do the trick: Active Cell Plugin | Bubble

From what i recollect from a few bubble forums i’ve read, you have to set the Cell | Beta as active when your element/group is hovered, and then use the Cell | Beta is active workflow.
If you are sending only one Database thing between the repeating groups, you can simply change the value of a custom state in the workflow. If you need more advanced data transfers with multiple things, you are going to need Orchestra.

I was planing on testing it out for you, however life got in the way and i havent been able to bubble last week.
Best of Luck, and let me know if you manage to get stuff working.

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