Do you know how to export cache/cookies memory?

Hi guys. Is there any way for us to export all the cache/cookies information from a user session?

I’m getting all the info I need, but it would be great if I could export data from it to prove it’s working. Basically, I have a field where I save into the current user (which still works when they are logged out and sign up), it would be great if I could make the user send us that or download it proving we have the correct data in that field.

Not sure why you’d need this. Just validate/verify whatever field you need specifically rather than trying to read all their current cookies.

You can use any cookie plugin to do this. My plugin also does this. Just set the cookie you need and read it whenever you need it. If you update a value, then update the cookie and check to see if it’s update later.

Well, you’re 100% right. We don’t need it.

The issue is that my anxious boss takes bs feedback from 0,1% of dumb users as a problem, even with 11000 users working fine, plus data, and video proof that the users from the bug reports were working fine. I wanted to add cache/cookies before I quit this.

WHAT?! Your plugin sounds AMAZING! Thats crazy!