Do you need help with your app?

I am offering my services to help you build your app and launch it.
If you need a reliable building partner let me know.
Rate is 35$ an hour

Please let me know if this is something that interests you.

We are a new non profit building capacity to provide services to Veterans and their loved ones living with PTSD. Our website is

We have started work on a Bubble WebApp that will be used to support our programs. I do not have the technical expertise to complete the idea behind the WebApp. We have a PRD and I’m working on a mock-up document to help expedite the process.

I know enough about Bubble to provide some support with setting up pages and I know what I want the App to do but I am in no way familiar enough with Bubble to build the App correctly. I’ve gone through some fo the videos and purchased the Ultimate Guide to Bubble performance but unfiortunately it has been difficult for me to understand the workflow or intricacies of Bubble. Even still, I am willing to continue to learn Bubble during this process, and happy to do whatever I can to get the project done.

I am not asking to have the full webapp developed – just seeking someone we can pay to build out the framework of the pages, based on my documents and features. In addition to monies paid for your time and expertise, we can also offer a tax write-off of your in-kind donation of time and expertise on our behalf. I am offering this because I do value your time and experience and it is all we can offer at this time.

Please contact me if you are interested or know of someone who can assist.

Thank you in advance.

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