Freelancer Job Help

I started working on a project, which I completed majority of the groundwork, I think. Now, I need an experienced Bubble App developer to help me customize, style, and complete any additional foundational work.

Hey @kay2delivery

Hope you’re well. My business Support Dept is exactly this. It’s the support, guidance, energy & resources I wish I had when I started my journey as a no-code founder.

I spent years of late nights and long weekends reading forums, watching tutorials, and countless hours experimenting and refining my skills. Now I want to make it easy for those coming up behind me to save some sanity and skip past all that, because it takes a huge investment in time to truly master a product like Bubble, even though it’s easy to get started.

What I offer

There’s two ways I work:

  1. PAYG where you just book some time in my calendar when you need me and we jump on a zoom call and run through everything. You book how long you need when you need. Easy!
  2. I also offer a monthly subscription where you get a bank of hours to use on support + a monthly hour long zoom call. Of course you can simply use your support hours for more zoom calls if you want to do everything live. However you like to work is good for me. The cap of hours is a soft cap as well, so I’m not totally coin operated :grinning:

What I also do with the subscription model is invite you to a private slack channel and you can hit me up anytime you have a question and I’m usually pretty quick to point you in the right direction. I’m also a registered Bubble agency so I can get collaborator access to your projects (if you wish) without taking up a collaboration spot (so works on free/personal plans) so I can jump in if needed. So the support hours go pretty far this way if you have a lot of small questions popping up needing answering.

Anyway, check out my site and let me know what you think. I’m also running a 30 minute free audit call for people at the moment, so you can book that at no charge and I’ll take a quick look at your app and provide my feedback / any quick wins I think you could look at etc.