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Do you recommend new responsive engine?

Hey everyone!
I’m thinking of building a new product in Bubble. It will be mostly used by mobile users as it’s customer facing.
Do you guys recommend developing it using New responsive engine or shall I use the traditional method of hiding some elements and showing other elements depending on the page width?

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Hi Mahesh,

The new responsive engine is the future (actually, the present) of Bubble. Although it’s still in beta, I would urge you to adopt it for any new projects.

It’s actually quite simple to grasp conceptually, but it might take a little while to get accustomed to the UI. Bubble has some training material, and there are other resources as well.




Thank you so much for the input Steve. I’ll take it into consideration.

BTW, just to clarify… You can still use that approach with the new layout engine - i.e. conditionally show/hide elements (and it might be appropriate in some situations) - but because the new engine is more flexible and better suited to responsive design, you might not have to. It’s much easier with the new layout engine to create designs that adapt (respond) to different page widths. I mean, that’s its whole purpose. :slightly_smiling_face:


Even on “mobile”, a layout should be “responsive”, since users might be viewing in either landscape or portrait orientation. Plus, tablets are considered mobile devices, and the design should behave properly there as well.


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Definitely the new engine. It’s so much faster and you don’t have to do work around to make some cool designs. Converting is a lot harder to do later. Just start new projects with the new engine. It’s still in beta so just help the community by reporting bugs as you see them. A lot of bugs have already been fixed. It’s coming together nicely.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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