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Should new project be implemented with the new responsive engine?

We are building a new app and we are just in the beginning of it. Is it idea to design the app with the new engine or still sticked with the old engine? The project is due to be finished in March which is like 3 months from now?

Hi there, @Famous… I would definitely go with the new engine (even though it’s still in beta). Not only will you likely find it easier to use, but it is the future of responsiveness for Bubble. If you stick with the old engine now, you will undoubtedly end up having to learn the new engine at some point down the road.


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Thanks for the reply @mikeloc , my team is still kind of worry because it is till on beta.

I understand that concern, for sure, but plenty of folks are building apps with the beta, and I would still go with the new engine if I were you.

I agree with @mikeloc
I myself am also building using the new responsive engine and think it would save you work upfront in the long run.

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Further to the OP’s question, I am using the old engine to build my web app pages, and was always planning to have separate page versions for mobile. Is it possible for me to create just those mobile pages with the new responsive engine, without the new responsive engine being active on the other web app pages?

Yup, @phrase9… to the best of my knowledge (I mean, this is literally what I am seeing in the editor), new pages are created on the old engine, and pages can be upgraded to the new engine independently of each other. I’m guessing that won’t always be the case, but what you have described is possible for now.

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