Doctor - Healthcare Bookings Template by Rapid Dev!

Hi Bubblers, April starts with good news! :star2:

We are happy to announce that our template collection was supplemented by a new template, dedicated to a medical area.

Medical practitioners and medical clinics can use it as a web or mobile app without code.
It comes with a list of features, like:

  • Procedures Appointments Management
  • The admin page provides the options to manage your products and services available
  • Sliding testimonial section.
  • Custom procedures page.
  • Unique story page to share your company’s story.
  • Fully responsive across all devices.
  • User profile page showcasing the procedures purchased by the current user.
  • Stripe payments integration

Try it out on:

Find more info on:

Important notice about template’s HIPAA compliance:
HIPAA mandates that all aspects of a service need to be compliant for the overall product to fulfill its requirements. While some sub-processors might be HIPAA compliant, the entire Bubble platform and its internal company processes currently do not meet these standards . Consequently, apps built on Bubble won’t achieve HIPAA compliance.

In case there are any suggestions or questions about our template, drop us a message here :wink:

Have a great day!

Rapid Dev Support Team

Buyer beware! No app built using this template can possibly be HIPAA-compliant! since it does not tokenize the customer’s PHI.
(It may be an excellent template, but if you use it to book appointments for practitioners or clinics in the United States, you will likely face hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines).


Glad to see your opinion finally changed :sweat_smile:


My opinion has absolutely not changed. I said :point_up_2: since the PHI is not being tokenized, it is not HIPAA compliant.

IF PHI is not stored or used except in a tokenized format → then, for the unmpteenth time, a Bubble site can be HIPAA compliant (OR if you want to be super literal, avoid the need for HIPAA compliance - half a dozen of one or six of the other).

That’s not just my opinion, it’s pretty explicitly the translation of HIPAA. I don’t know why you and 2 others insist on haranguing me about this point so many times despite not providing any substantive response or having any legal degree (or possibly ANY degree? - I don’t particularly value one’s education when evaluating the merit of their argument, but for legal arguments, it does make a difference), or experience.

The screenshot you shared of what I said in October is still very much the case and totally inapposite to my original reply in this thread.

You apparently are getting caught up in a superficial and literal understanding of HIPAA compliance or your made-up term “HIPAA accepted” without an understanding of what it means and how a Bubble app can be built without “touching PHI” and still doesn’t need a BAA.

IF you want to label it as having no HIPAA requirement instead of HIPAA compliant, that’s surely your prerogative (and is in line with a super literal reading but is not the commonly used terminology), but it obscures the actual point that a Bubble app can be made without HIPAA requirement (read: is HIPAA compliant) and that this template that doesn’t tokenize PHI has a HIPAA requirement, which of course is unattainable (read: is not HIPAA compliant).

Hi @code-escapee, thanks for pointing this out, we will add a warning note in this regard both here and on the template’s marketplace page.

In the meantime, if there are any other template-related suggestions, please let us know :wink:

Have a great weekend!

Rapid Dev Support Team