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It is possible to create customized documents from a user’s input?

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Yes, I have built this.

@askanatty Absolutely!


I was looking around bubble trying to figure out how this is done, but I cannot understand how this would be done in any situation. It doesn’t seem as if it is possible - are there any specific tips that I should follow?

I am also looking to do this. Did you find any answers? Thanks


Perhaps, it could be useful to provide more detail to what it is understood as creating a document from an input.

When a user enters information in an input that information can be used for different purposes. It also depends on what information type it is (a date?, a number? a text? … etc), what input is used (a datepicker, a checkbox, a slider, a multiline input … etc) … where do you want to store it (the page for temporary calculations, on the dB and where, etc). How do you want to display that information (dynamically, as a text , how big, partially, in a map, etc)

You get the point :slight_smile:

Perhaps one just wants to print out what is seen on the page. There are plugins that create a PDF from all the contents of a page. There are plugins that create a PDF dynamically from info coming from the dB based on templating how it displays visually.

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Hello, thanks very much for the reply.

I want users to be able to select options that will then fill in a template email. By that I mean, there is a standard set of five options of what the email could say, and the user can select one or more of them, and that will fill out a template of an email.

Thank you


In principle:

  • In the design tab build your preferred user interface, so that users can select the options
  • In the workflow tab build the logic (flows with events and actions) so that the selections will fill-out the “send email” action that Bubble offers. In this action you can template the email that will be sent.
  • In the data tab create the necessary options (in “Bubblish” they are called things … or data-types) with its corresponding fields

In detail:

If you can please share some aspects about your build and specifics of where you are, I can try to provide guidance :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you.

The specifics are as follows:

I want the user to be able to select from a standard list of options, any combination of which will automatically fill out an email, ready for them to then send off.

Should the list of options be composed of buttons? And whatever the list is composed of, how do I make the user’s selections auto-fill an email?

Thank you


There is a plugin called multiselect dropdown which might help. You load the options to it. And based on what is selected you populate the email.

All of the above involves minute details on creating the options in the dB (or just choose static options within the ms dropdown if you see that could work), UI and logic. Too elaborate to go into details :slight_smile:

The folllowing channels in Youtube provide awesome content to learn the different aspects of what is needed for this and more!

Buildcamp by @gregjohnkeegan and CoachingNoCodeApps by @romanmg


cmarchan, that is just what I was looking for! Thank you, I shall have a look at these and let you know how it goes.

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Thank you for these fantastic replies!

Gives me confidence that I did pick the right platform.

Just a question - can you empower a user to actually create the template and identify the parts of the document where another user’s input can complete the document?

This way, there could be multiple templates uploaded by one user and other users can fill them in as needed?(say an HR creates a template and determines what fields a user should input, and then the applicants fill in their information thereby customizing it?)

This is far more involved - but is this possible in Bubble?

Quick and short answer … yes :+1:


Thank you!

Is there any documentation that I can look at to make this happen? I’ve been wandering around for a while and am getting quite discouraged, so any hint in the right direction would be appreciated. I also checked out a few plugins but they don’t seem to offer the full package. - or maybe I’m just not looking in the right direction.

I cannot think of anything specific.

The more one builds the more one realizes that pretty much any type of dB web app can be built with Bubble.

So … I guess that if you prototype a web UI … you can actually build it in Bubble.

Here you will find a series of quick how tos … hopefully you will get a feel for what I am describing

I’ve gone through several tutorials and looked at available plugins but cannot find what I need.

What I’m looking for is a user will input data which will be fed into a database to populate a PDF. The document will also change using conditional logic so that some document blocks are used while others are not. I suppose the data will be lodged in the database first, unless there is another way I am unaware of, and then passed to the document?

Also, I would need the document creator to be able to upload a document. Then, he would have to determine the conditional logic to be used and the fields to be filled in, all within the app.

This is a more granular question than I have previously asked - how would I go about doing this? I don’t see how the current bubble application would allow this.

  • Prototype the UI for data entry and for data displaying. Might involve several pages or perhaps you build a single page app. Up to you.
  • Build a dB structure
  • Via interaction with the UI (inputs, buttons, rg cells, etc) and logic flows you create, modify, delete data in the dB
  • Via plugins and/or inputs and logic flows you can up upload/downoload files.

Sorry for how generic my comments are. What you describe involves all of the above. In other words … building an app.

This is one alternative for building PDFs dynamically as part of the prospective app that you would like to build :slight_smile: > PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

Hi Carlos!

Yes, done the UI and have tested the db for inputs.

It’s just the transfer from the DB to the PDF. I’d rather avoid making a page and then converting that to a PDF due to the fact that the formatting is all off. Perhaps I can work around it - but I was hoping that there was a more efficient way.

Additionally, my concern is around the conditional logic - there doesn’t seem to be this option available, because the conditional logic I’m looking for is specified by a person who uploads the document, and not the app itself.