Documental Docx, PDF, Image & CSV Converions - OCR, EXIF, Instant Maps all in one - Now with Save to your Apps Database!

Ok, the snapshot is an element. Once you drop the element on the page the take a snapshot element action will appear in the section above plugins show in your screenshot.

Gotcha, thanks. Is there a way to save the file to the bubble database versus having a direct download?

You just save the link the same way bubble does with your uploads currently. if you are converting an image you can save it as an “image” then it will act the same as all normal bubble images. We are developing the platform to suit demand so if more users would prefer this then we can look at going this way though.


The Documental Plugin now gives Documental Subscribers the ability to save files from URL’s to the database or from URL to download prompt for a user. This is great to combine with the SnapShot element and it makes all your Documental conversions savable to you own database. The best part is your file’s URL will then be under your apps domain!

Drop both the SnapShot and Make File elements on the page.

Grabbing the SnapShot’s base,


Then this triggers,


Run the element action,

When its ready this event triggers,


Save it to your database,


if you want the download prompt instead of saving just check the show download prompt,

Hi Jarad, I have just purchased Documental. I am experiencing some issues when taking a snapshot of an element with a graph on it. Everything else is perfect however only the text elements of the graph appear. The graph element itself is not displayed inside an iframe. Below is a sample of what it should look like and what it looks like from a snapshot taken using Documental.and downloaded as a pdf. Are you able to assist please?

As it Should Be

As it Appears When Snapshot is Used

Sorry for the delay in responding, i just wanted to update you on this. Since this issue has come up a few times in a few different contexts i thought rather than supply a hot fix i would build a method for solving this accross the board.

I want to test this fully before i release it however for Documental subscribers and Print Pro customers once added you wont need to do anything apart from update your plugin. For everyone else its a case of getting a copy of a new plugin.

To sum up, I have tested amcharts with it and im happy to say that it is a fix for sure. I will repost an update here once ive finished testing and added the code to the plugins.

This sounds great thank you!

Jarrad, I am a complete newbie to Bubble and have very limited experience in programming in general. From what I’ve read here, Documental sounds like something I’m certainly going to need. Do you have any step-by-step instructions? For example, when you talk about an getting an image, what exactly am I getting an image of? A page as the user sees it? A page within the editor? Same for HTML template. How would that look? How would I code an element into the HTML? I apologize for what are probably very elementary questions but if you can get me started I’ll beat it up and try to learn!

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Hi, any progress on Documental vs amCharts issue?

Nice support huh?

I’m sorry but i have found that when people ask questions on the same thread that contains not just the answer but the link to the answer in the form of a comprehensive demo where i have provided access to both live & editor access meaning a person can copy a flow directly into their own app, answering them only shortens the time someone that has made the effort to view the resources I have created has to have an issue solved. Are you commenting on the thread because you have an issue? or just pointing out the fact that you have not had a look at the demo also?



You are making assumptions - and we all know how that usually turns out. You assume I haven’t looked at your demo and followed the links. I did. In fact, I spent hours looking through the forum trying to work through this. In another thread, I asked about documentation (something that a professional product should have.) Someone there responded that I should go directly to the provider, a good response. I did and it’s crickets.

I stated upfront that I’m a newbie and not an experienced programmer. In fact, while I’ve dabbled for years, I don’t think anyone would classify me as a programmer. Which leads to another of your assumptions. You assume your work is so great and clear that anyone can replicate it. It’s a mistake that many experienced people make because it’s so hard to put yourself back to a place where a true beginner is. I’ve invested many hours trying to learn Bubble. I managed to get all the way to a point where I need reporting. I really couldn’t believe that the product doesn’t provide a reporting mechanism. The answer seems to be “use another product.” If I do that, I might as well go elsewhere for everything and have all of my effort into one platform. Nonetheless, I’d invested enough effort that I thought I’d keep trying to make it work. Thus, I pursued it with my two posts on the subject.

I wouldn’t typically respond to your answer this way. However, the whole premise and marketing spin of Bubble is that you don’t have to be a programmer to make it work. See the screen clip below from the Bubble home page. Your answer was basically that I was just to lazy to try to learn. You never considered that Bubble marketing invited me in without a certain level of knowledge. You never considered that I may have tried. If the answer was simply that you have provided all that you can or intend to, you could have just said that without insulting me.

Since it appears that I am unable to use Documental to do the work that Bubble doesn’t (due either to it’s limitations or mine), I will just move on. I would suggest that Bubble change its marketing to better reflect the expectation of understanding required to make full use of the product. Or, alternatively, you might hire someone else to respond on the forum with a little more empathy.


Hey @athelene,
I know this issue doesn’t concern me but will like to say something here as i feel like your expectation about bubble was not met.
First off, please don’t leave bubble. Trust me, you may not find any other product out there that is more non-coder friendly than bubble, that does the kind of things bubble allow you to do.

A small comment on this. I don’t really think using a plugin is the same as using “another product”. Bubble is built on the concept of plugins. In fact all those elements (inputs, text fields, repeating group, images, etc) you see in the editor are plugins, only difference is that they were built by the Bubble team. It’s similar to the android or ios systems. Apple and google created these platforms and provided an sdk (software development kit) that allows third parties to extend the capabilities of the system by creating libraries/plugins. Then end-user developers can use the built in functionalities together with third-party libraries to create their apps.
Even platforms like wordpress all use these same kind of plugin architecture. In wordpress, almost every functionality is by using some plugins. It is because these systems are so matured that there is a plugin for virtually every single thing so one can easily implement their website without dabbling in any code.

As for the issue of documentation of plugins, that is another story i wouldn’t want to go in cos i’m a plugin developer myself and i’ve been terrible with my documentation :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Jarrad has been very organized with his plugins and documentation so it’s rather unfortunate that in this case it didn’t meet your expectation. I will leave you two to resolve that.

But please don’t leave Bubble because of an issue with one plugin.

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I appreciate your comments. The reason I would choose to leave is that reporting is critical to what I’m doing. So if I can’t get that piece working, I’ll never have a complete app. As for the idea of plug-ins, I agree completely. I didn’t state my thoughts well. I found several threads on the forum where people talked about exporting data to other systems and reporting from there. That doesn’t seem a reasonable option to me. If I could get this plug-in to work, I’d be thrilled. I’m not at all opposed to the plug-in concept. It’s the idea of going completely outside the environment (e.g., saving to a sql database and then using yet another tool for reporting, which then has to somehow be integrated back into the app) which I want to avoid. I even considered this until I read that others reported slowness related to writing records to the external database. The sad part is, the Documental plug-in might be the perfect solution - if I could figure it out. So close!

I also appreciate your comments on the documentation and particularly your self-reported weakness there. I think we’ve all been there! I spent a good bit of my career managing teams and fighting the battle on that front. People with the skill and creativity needed for most technical jobs rarely possess the love of documenting. The situation in this thread is exactly why it still needs to be done - by someone else if necessary.

Thank you for your encouragement and taking the time to respond. Overall, what I really expect is that the support on the forum reflect the fact that Bubble marketing targets people like me. In other words, I don’t care to be deemed lazy because I don’t understand or ask a question. Even if the answer is, “We have provided all that we can.”, that can be done respectfully.

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Me stating that I have found that people that ask questions when answers can be found in the same thread or its resources is not an assumption, Its an issue that replicates itself across every topic in the forum and to point out what lead me to believe that you had not looked at the demo is that you asked,

In the demo the first button labeled “Convert Element to Doc” wrapped in the green boarder (Indicates the SnapShot Element was used), shows the method and result of an element becoming an image, then the next shows a multiple page example, again using the SnapShot element & finally the SnapShot to image shows a single page to image action.

The question relating the the HTML action, how its used & how it would look, the demo for this is labeled “HTML to Document” & is shown visually in the live version (both the code that is sent & the document that’s returned). The workflow for this particular action contains only 3 actions and can even be shortened from here.

On the topic of documentation, If the majority of bubble users preferred to decipher written documentation rather than a working demonstration across multiple scenarios in not just a familiar context but also the same platform they have been building with, I suspect more people would be documenting an issue their having rather than providing a link to an editor showing the issues they are facing in a setting that shows a broad view of how they are working with bubble and ultimately how they will best receive instruction or insight on the solution to their particular problem.

While I am unsure as to why you feel you must “code an element into the HTML” being that you seem to feel so strongly about point and click, I just wanted to point out that the assumption that coding is even required to perform a SnapShot / Convert an Image is not correct. They do not require code, the HTML Converter is just one action in the tool belt and to be honest if your not up to writing HTML is probably not the action you would want.

I dont assume my work is “so great and clear”, One of the most attractive reasons to making demo’s people can interact with is providing they can point and click they can replicate the workflows in a test app and experiment with changes to learn what effects they are having over the result, take google for instance - there is far more value in the API explorer than the text documents due to the ability to manipulate an action and view the result. The fact is there are definite improvements that could be made both in the demo and the plugin, hence why I am choosing to continue developing the product closer to not needing documentation rather than document a soon to be improved method delayed by a document.

No. I didn’t. In fact the entire response was aimed at pointing out the fact that the answers are in fact there without any thought of much outside of someone feeling that the 100’s of hours I have put into helping the community prior, outside my own plugins/services or personal gain is worth reducing to bad support. I am sorry if you felt like I was directly aiming this at you, I do try not to assume, its not a great trait in a coding environment & I hope you understand the reasons behind why i felt this was the case.

As @seanhoots has suggested though, there is most certainly no better place to purse your idea/app, but to provide what I feel is the other half of Bubble and its campaign and for a lot of its members remains vital to creative control or even just a little more control,


If you have a link to an editor, feel free to post it. if you can provide a mock up of the desired result or problems you have uncounted doing so has a good chance of sorting the issue quicker than any one of us have spent writing responses.

I think it best I just move on. Your response makes me see that I’m not cut out to make it work. What looks to you to be obvious is not to me. I’m sure it’s best if neither of us invests more time on this.

Best of luck.

Hey @athelene,
If i may ask what is your specific requirement. Example do you want to print a whole page? Print content of a group? Print multiple pages? etc.
Maybe if you share your specific requirements here other users who have used the plugin may be able to guide you in a way that you can understand. I may take a shot at it myself eventhough i haven’t used the plugin myself but will look at the examples.
Don’t let this one issue cause you to loose interest in building your application on the bubble platform

hey @athelene,

Welcome to Bubble… If you still want to give it a shot i thought maybe I can send you my experience. I have done reporting by using SelectPDF. Maybe that is a good place to start, I will start soon with Documental but maybe SelectPDF is a good start to help you make the next step.

  • What I did was just make a page (report) that shows exactly how I want to print it. (I even made page breaks)
  • I send the data to the page.
  • Then I send the link to the page to SelectPDF API which converts it to a PDF.
  • I then make a button on the page the user can see to download the PDF once it is done converting.

This might be a simple way to start out. I was a beginner last year too. Didn’t know much about programming either.

Normally everyone on this Forum is pretty nice and patient too.

Hi Jarrad

Any progress on the comprehensive fix for the amChart vs Documental issue which you responded to nearly a month ago. I pay via month to month subscription for Documental and just need a view on my side for better planning in terms of making payments.