Documental Docx, PDF, Image & CSV Converions - OCR, EXIF, Instant Maps all in one - Now with Save to your Apps Database!

Convert PDF into word, CSV into spreadsheets, images into PDF and many vice versa. HTML to PDF. Convert into ZIP, OCR your PDFs, Docs and Images. Extract location & many other types of image meta data using EXIF Extrator, Instantly draw live maps with directions, street view, place, KML data and search. Nearly ready to add div/page to image then to any document type. You can see just one of these many conversions in the demo here,


I’ve been using early version of this for several weeks, it’s a game changer. All of you frustrated SelectPDF users need to test this out immediately!!

No more trying to build “print-ready” pages in your app, show and hide elements, etc. and hope Select converts to PDF “just so” and returns it before your user gives up waiting. Just build an HTML template one time for your invoice, report, email, etc., store it as text on a Bubble thing, then pass the HTML to Documental and presto you get a PDF (or Doc, or Image, or…the list goes on) back. And much more. Seriously great work, @jarrad!


Just added an element that takes an image of an element or page by its ID and turns it into a png package ready to send to Documental for PDF, DOCX, ZIP, TXT and various other types of conversions. after taking 20 A4 snap’s I sent them to the compiler action and had a 20 page PDF returned to me in less than 30seconds… Im putting some documentation together and will post it soon.


How exactly can I test the EXIF Extractor?

you can see what the EXIF does here.

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So I assume you migrated from selectpdf to documental? Did you alrready have selectpdf print pages setup and did you rebuild them from scratch in html or did you go another route?

Hi @djwideman

I’d really like to know if and how you migrated from selectpdf. Much appreciated if you could get back :angel:

Hi @vincent56

I didn’t do a migration - I played with SelectPDF and determined it simply wasn’t up to supporting my use case. Built out in Documental from scratch. Quite powerful and flexible.

Only limitation I’ve discovered thus far is related to multi-page PDF output from an HTML template (no mechanism for specifying page breaks in the HTML). As long as you’re looking to produce single page PDFs, or multi-page PDFs where you don’t need to enforce page breaks at specific places, it works great. And even this can be worked around if your app is not mobile–you can take screenshots of A4-ish size pages and pass them as a set of images to get back a multi-page PDF (one page per image).

Once @jarrad has server-side configurability set up, he’s indicated he’ll be open to contract for custom builds to support more complex use cases like mine, so in the end there shouldn’t really be any limits to what you can do with Documental. Will be apples and oranges when compared to SelectPDF.

Hope that helps.

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Yeha thanks. I’m in touch with Jarrad for this and some other stuff concerning Documental. Would have to think long and hard about the best way to migrate away from the pages setup for selectpdf to documental.

I may just need to build new scratch html templates. But I do have a lot of multi pages, so if its about snapping the image, it could perhaps still be the bubble page instead of html text to ‘print’. However, there were some issues with the page screenshot and its size.

Thanks for the reply.

@vincent56 Yes, I’m stymied there as well. Until there’s a way to leverage CSS within HTML templates to control page size (eg using @media rules to set width and height), and have Documental’s converter respect those rules, I’m afraid this will continue to be a limitation. I know there are lots of others like us with this use case, so hoping for some path to support it soon. My app is mobile so screen snaps won’t work.

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Your Mental Jarrad! How do you do it.

Will take a look this over the next few days.


Demo is ready with most features including the SnapShot Element shown -

Live - HERE
Editor - HERE

I highly recommend grabbing the CSV example file and turning it into a PDF. Just look under the CSV Section. Ive never seen 87 pages process so fast.

OMG! Amazing . I do not need print pro now!

Can we set page breaks in anyway?

For multiple pages check out this page

can I test the EXIF Extractor? thanks

Its in the posted demo. go for your life. HERE

@jarrad Just subscribed and am testing it out. Snapshot element action not appearing though. Any idea why?

Hi @josh5, have you installed the documental plugin from the bubble plugin tab?

Yes - See screenshots below. Actions under plugins are appearing fine