DocuSign API issue

Hi Bubble community,

I’m having an issue with my Docusign integration. For some reason, I’m not getting the Docusign consent screen after clicking the link below (note: I’ve placed my client id and redirect uri appropriately):{iKey}&redirect_uri={callback}

I do get the code, but the consent screen doesn’t appear. I suspect this might be the reason I can’t generate a new token when the authentication page loads.

Has anyone experienced this before or have any insights?

Thank you!

Could you share some screenshots of what is happening? I recently finished a Docusign integration for a client.

Also, if all your requests will be coming from the same docusing account (i.e. you are not sending envelopes from different docusing api accounts/users, obvoisuly the receivers can vary), I recommend taking a look at the Authorization Code workflow for authentication, much simpler to handle bubble side.

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Certainly, no problem!

Unfortunately, I’ve deleted the API calls, and now I can’t proceed with step 1: getting the access token. I’m encountering a 400 (invalid_grant) error, even though I’ve followed the exact same steps as before.

Is there something that needs to be turned on or off in the Docusign settings?

Alright, for some reason, the Encodedkey wasn’t being updated, which is why I was stuck at step 1.

I’ve made the Access Token and Refresh Token API calls. However, when I preview my token page, even after the page fully loads, step 2 doesn’t initiate, regardless of whether I add an “only when condition.”