Does a temp. password expire before sent to email?

Does a Temporary Password (Created by “Assign temp password” action) expire even if it wasn’t sent to user by email?

why do you ask? Are you getting some kind of error or undesired behavior in your app?

Because i’m setting up users with temporary passwords planning to send them by email later down the road, and i’m wondering if those assigned passwords will still be available to send later

Here´s straight from the Bubble Reference:

“This action deletes the password of a user and assigns a temporary one. Text is returned by this action and can be used in upcoming workflows. When the user tries to log in using this password, they will be taken to the page defined in the ‘Redirect users who haven’t changed their password’ option in the General section in the Settings Tab.”

As I understand it, this temp password doesn´t expire but when the user uses it, it will take them to the page defined as mentioned above so they change it.

If you´re using the “Assign Temp Password to a user” workflow action, among many, you have 2 main choices:

  1. In that same workflow where you´re doing the “Assign Temp” action, send an email to the user with the temp password, where the temp password is: "result of step X (the step of the Assign Temp action)

  2. In that same workflow with the “Assign Temp” action, store the temporary password to a field in the User´s record. The temp password would be, just as above, the "result of step X (the step of the Assign Temp action). This gives you the flexibility of having it stored for whenever in time you want to send it to them. Just keep in mind that this is less secure if you get hacked.

Hope this helps


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