Assign a temporary password not working

So I have read just about every thread on this, but I can’t seem to trigger an email to the user.

In my workflow, I have Create an account for someone else>>Assign a temporary password>>Send Email

Step 1. In the “Create an account for someone else” flow, I have the email address filled in

Step 2. In the “Assign a temporary password” flow, I have “Results of step 1 email address”

Step 3. Send Email has from and subject, body filled in.

For some reason whenever the Assign a temporary password flow is “before” the send email, i can’t receive an email

My objective: user that are logged into my app, can create other users under their account.

Hi @brentparker76, could you share some screenshots?

The Assign Temp Password action does need to happen after the Create Account action because it wouldn’t know who to assign the password to if the user doesn’t exist yet.

Also, in the field for “User” in the Assign Pass action, the value should just be Result of Create Account action, not Result’s email. In other words, you want a User value there, not a text.

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