When is a users password or temp password "invalid"?

I’m trying to understand this setting: “Redirect users who haven’t changed their password”

When does a temp assigned password expire??

Is a good practice to setup the app to direct them to “reset_pw” page when the user logs in using a temp password?

Does bubble know it’s temporary vs. permanent?

What exactly triggers the ‘redirect users who haven’t changed their password’ function anyway?


You could solve this by using “date” in the database.

E.g field name temp-password (date) the date sets when you send the user´s temp password, and if the date is more then 24 old or w/e, then you redirect the user to reset_pw page/popup.

If the password is reset/changed by the user, you remove the date field, making it empty.

This is one solution, don´t know if it the best, but it work´s just fine for me.

I get that, but what is the bubble setting for the validity period?

When does a temp password expire?

There is no “temp-password” in Bubble, there is the password you set to the user or the user sets for him/her-self.

The temp-password if a feature you are building, by using the date-field in this case.

There is a temp password feature in bubble. In the workflow, choose Account > Assign temp password. Normally I use the email action to send them the temp password.

@JustinC i don’t believe they expire by default, but this is quickly doable with a date field in the database table. So when sending an email with the temp password, the workflow would include temp-password’s expiration date=current date/time+ 2hrs or something to that nature.

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