Does anyone know how to make a native app responsive?


I’ve built an application with the index “native app” box checked. When I load the application on my phone, I have to minimize the window so that it fits. Is there a specific change that I need to make or do I need to change the dimensions? The dimensions of the index page are 640 x 1136 per a tutorial video I watched.



The “Native App” checkbox does nothing now I believe. That was for when they intended to try making official IOS and Android apps with Bubble. Should really be removed

You need to uncheck the “Fixed width” check to make your app scale properly to mobile and desktop.

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@steven.junio91 is there a recommended dimension size for the app that will help scale properly to all devices?

Any size is fine, I like to design for my macbook air 11" screen first.
Unchecking fixed width off is all thats needed.

@anon65040322 what dimensions would you recommend for a mobile app?

My app is for mobile too, im designing a progressive web app.
Have a look at chromes responsive sizes for devices

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