Does anyone know what these companies have used Bubble for?

Just out of curiosity, anyone have an idea what these companies have used Bubble for?

This is on their homepage:

I thought the same question. My guess would be internal tools.

Bubble really ought to start doing more case studies.

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Yea, I was like no shot the Lyft app is on Bubble.

I thought clicking on the logos would give an article saying how great it’s working out for them, etc

I would expect DoorDash on there because their app is slow AF


LOLZ @tylerboodman

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Seriously though. I use VEED for video editing. I wonder how they use Bubble. Not calling Bubble a liar, I’d just like to know.

Did a dev/agency build a tool for them? Is an employee using Bubble for a specific project? Are the Bubble team working with them directly?

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These companies have different teams working on different internal projects all the time. Not all of them are done by their own developers as they work on the core product. Most likely it would be marketing teams creating no-code apps to streamline feedback processes, demo booking etc…