Anybody have used Bubble to make internal business apps?

All I see are B2C, C2C or B2B apps. It seems like Bubble is trying to cater to apps that face public users. But I would like to make an internal app for my business as a starting project. E.g. CRM, invoicing, inventory, sales, HR, expenses etc. Meaning it is only for my internal employees. Anyone done this?

Msot of App I have created was for internal business process.

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I am busy with doing this. I have achieved a lot already and all the functions I plan still to insert are as far as i have determined pretty straightforward.

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Hey there @mr9sky,

I can definitely say that even Bubble itself has made internal apps for their team. I believe they have an internal CRM and they still have their internal app they use.


Hey :wave: @mr9sky

Many of my clients use Bubble to improve their current internal system. That way they have more control over what their software does. Even a lot of automation and reporting that saves them a huge amount of time. So yes, Bubble does this well. I think this is one of the best reasons to use Bubble actually.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Definitely! That’s how my app came to life. It was an idea that my fiancé had. We were together I knew the idea I built it out I got her feedback and now we just recently started to implement it at work and I have it live on the App Store for fun. I could’ve kept it to myself but instead I decided to share it


@jared.gibb Your app looks good!
I also noticed you have a IOS app up. Is it a native app?
How does it link to your bubble web app?

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Thank you for the replies guys.

I get that internal apps are being made. And I can see now why there are no showcases in the forum with regards to internal apps. They are for internal consumption and so were never meant for the public. There is no reason for it to be ‘showcased’.

I do hope that Bubble can also market themselves as an internal app maker. But i know that is another ball game with big big players in the field…

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The iOS is a wrapper it comes with a splash screen to mask the loading time and push notifications that are not in use yet. The next update will have some extra functions I’m hoping. That would include calling, texting, and iAP.

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