Does anyone know what "wot_type_option_wot" refers to in the logs? I am trying to clean up my "code" for testing

Hi folks, I’m using EndTest automated testing services and I am running into issues when trying to auto trigger and select certain functionalities in my application. Old values for dropdowns (values that I have deleted are showing up in the rendered web application, via Google Chrome Inspector, and I am unable to find and remove them from my Bubble elements. For example: the screenshot below refers to a “wot_type_option_wot” I don’t know what this is or how to change it.
“Opportunity” was an old static value that I used in the dropdown, but I had completely deleted the static values and opted for a dynamic set of values instead.

Has anyone dealt with this before and know how I might update (or remove the old static values)?


This may be what the optimize functionality fixes when running it in settings/general/appFileManagement

Thanks Carlos. Running that process was very helpful–we did it in mid-December when we decided to do a full refactoring of the code. It reduced our foot print from 320k lines of JSON to 290k–pretty significant. From there we did all of the requisite bug fixing and further hardened the program. Happy we did it. The good news is, that optimize suggestion feature is returning only a handful of suggestions now. Unfortunately, the issue of the persistent option naming was not in the mix.