[New Feature] Clean App Feature


As you build your app, you may start adding some stuff that you end up not using, which can make the application heaver over time. We just added a way to scan your application and delete unnecessary data types, reusable elements, styles, etc. which will help keeping things clean and improve page load performance. In particular, this option will also remove properties on elements and actions that aren’t used in practice (for instance, if you started setting some gradient colors on an element, and then decide to use a plain color background, these properties aren’t used but still use some space).

You can find this option in the Settings Tab, General section at the bottom. When you click on this button, a popup will show what can be cleaned, so you’ll get another chance to cancel.

Note that when you use this feature, you lose some information (types are deleted permanently, styles are removed, properties that aren’t used will be back to the default value). You can revert using version control if you realize you created some issues/want to keep some information.


@emmanuel Great feature. Is it possible to add the option to select the specific things we want to clean up.
E.g. There are some styles I may use in future and don’t wan’t cleaned up. There doesn’t seem to be a way to optimize the app without doing this.


A very nice new feature. Thanks for adding this!

I’ll second @gaurav’s request. I’d like to be able to select specific types of things to not be included in the cleanup.

@emmanuel Looks like it has the potential to be a great feature, but I noticed that it is listing things that I am sure I am using. For instance, most of the plugins I am using are listed.

Is there any way to de-select things from getting optimized?



Hey @emmanuel

What about unused uploaded files


Yeah I’m in the same boat. There are elements that rightly so havent been used, including style, but I’d like to keep these saved and delete other unused elements - a checkbox to pick n choose would be the icing to the cake.


We’d need a bug report with the specific element / entry that is in the list and shouldn’t.

@AliFarahat uploaded files aren’t part of the application object, so it’s a completely different thing / concept (and they don’t impact performance).


I love the feature. I just did it and there was quite an extensive list of things it said were ok to delete. So I did it. Afterwards, I got 151 errors to fix. So I rolled it back. I’m going to try to print pieces of the list so I can look at them one at a time and delete myself.

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If you’re seeing this please file a bug report and we’ll have a look.

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I really like this feature, I was postponing some long due cleaning tasks on a very big app I manage but this is really sounds like it will make that a lot easier!

I just fully refreshed the browser and tried the cleaning again. It slows down the browser (wait/stop, on Firefox) but eventually just stops, there is no popup (also not blocked).

Do you want a bug report for this?

Yeah that’d be helpful

Great feature. Recommended once a month? Improvement of this feature over time? Maybe good to do on regular basis? Thanks.

edit: After more than an hour, still remaining. A lot of clean up? Do I receive a message when it’s finished? Better not working on the app during process @emmanuel?


We’d need a bug report

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Heads up. They quickly and quietly added the ability to select the parts you want to clean which was great. Thank you Bubble team and @emmanuel

That being said, it caused some unusual things so far for me. At random times (not immediately) Bubble has all of a sudden alerted me to issues that I am certain were caused by this optimization. One example is that a bunch of my Workflows lost there Workflow Folder and I had to go set them to blank or recreate the folder. I also had a few elements lose their responsive alignment settings and this is on a page I haven’t touched in weeks.

So far it has not been something that caused me to feel I needed to revert, and frankly, at this point it would be problematic for me to revert as I have made a lot of changes since the optimization.

Anyway, I don’t have any clear idea of how valuable the optimization will end up being, but I would warn you to make sure you have free time after doing it to test your app AND realize that sometimes there “issues” take a little time to appear.


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As I said a few times earlier, we need a bug report as we need to look at a specific app situation.

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i just used this and it removed all of my workflow folders and left me with 200 Errors… i had to restore the app from a backup

We’d need a bug report. So far we haven’t had any

strangely i don’t get a popup and the process is the same as you explained…so i’m in the same boat, when ever you get an outcome to the bug report it would be helpful to share @vincent56

This doesn’t seem to take notice of any styles only used in reusable elements.
PS: The “Find elements using this style” popup doesn’t seem to pick up reusable elements either

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Good catch, we’ll fix that.