Optimize application

The optimization of the application is really great so far. Unfortunately in my opinion there is one thing missing that neglects the optimization. In the tab Languages for the app Texts the texts accumulate over time. It becomes more and more difficult to find unused texts and to delete them manually. Is it possible to include this function, which unused app texts can find and delete?



There is also something fundamental missing, the function of renaming variables. When a variable is created say ‘In_Progress’, Bubble uses this variable name in its searches. If we later change the variable to ‘Deleted’, Bubble still shows the old name in the server logs, which makes it very difficult to search. The suggestion would be to automate the ‘rename’ during the optimization process. Thanks @Bubble.

It takes ages for me to optimize and still don’t show any result. It just keep saying we are analyzing.

Yeah me too I think this feature is broken

Resolved. I think if you are using geographic address in some page for some input, use text instead

So does that count as a bug? @allenyang

We do currently have a bug about the optimize feature which is on our list to investigate

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Would you like me to lodge one too?

It’s ok for now. The bug fix is in code review and hopefully will be rolling out soon. If you still encounter issues after that, then yes, please file as a new bug.

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