Does bubble API connector support other characters for setting params?

I want to use SheetDB’s API to query my Google Sheet in my bubble app.

When I use the required [] characters to make a parameter public, the API gives me an error: Undefined offset: 0.

SheetDB’s API makes use of the [] characters, and I believe that syntax conflicts with bubble’s API Connector’s use of the same [] characters.

How might I circumvent this issue?

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Can you share your API Call setting?
I don’t see a reason to have an issue with parameter

When I hard-code the GET request, I receive the correct response:

But when I attempt to use characters to set the key-value parameter pair:

I get an error:

I’m almost convinced it is because the SheetDB API could catch it:
Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 2.37.32 PM

you need to set up this way:

For the using multiple queries, this will be a little bit more complicated but you can use
[queries] and inside the value, use the complete queries including name[]=!

but you also try to urlencode the [] to avoid Bubble decode it as a parameter

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This was the missing piece. Thank you for solving my problem, Jici.

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