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Does Bubble Have A Telephone Number For Sales?

Hello All,
Does Bubble Have A Telephone Number For Sales. I Have Some Specific Questions And I Would Like To Tal To A Bubble Representative About It ?

Thank You Kindly

Best way is to reach out by emailing [email protected]. They are fast in response times.

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Thank You… I have done so and received no response yet that is why I reached out to the forum.

It is a bit odd that you have went over 24 hours without a response. However, I know they are in the process of intaking new employee’s, so I am sure that slows the wheel on some things.

It may be worth just asking on the forum, we have a wide variety of users here that have experience with Bubble in many different ways, so I am sure someone on here will be able to help. Of course, if it is something that you prefer to keep quiet about (maybe the next Facebook idea), I would understand wanting to keep it private.

Hope you get an answer soon either way!

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