Does Bubble native Map have a bug?!

Hello everyone…

I have trouble managing the native Bubble plugin Map.
It’s very wired. Sometimes it read the field Geographic Adress and sometimes not.

I created a new thing with Geographic Adress field and it is fine…

Now I want to make change to a thing with the same field it doesn’t read the Map.

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I’m not sure if it’s really a bug, or just a (rather annoying) quirk of the editor…

But whatever you type in the search box next to a field that is a Geographic Address will be interpreted as a location, not as an element on your page.

It’s always been this way (as long as 've been using Bubble), and whilst it can be annoying, I guess there are also some occasions when that’s exactly the behaviour you’d want (although it is contrary to how the editor works in every other circumstance).

In any case, you just need to find your element by scrolling down the menu (if you have the new Categorized types, datasources, and operators turned on it will probably make it easier to find)

The element is on the editor and the name does not appear anywhere. I cant find it while I’m scrolling… it looks like is incompatible.

Can you suggest another Map plugin that use Google API? I see a lot of map plugins in the Bubble Plugin but I don’t know which does the job right