API doesn't recognize geographic adress


I am using an Airtable data base, which contains adresses. Yet I couldn’t set the adresses as “georgraphical adresses” when initializing (see picture). The adresses are thus considered as “text” by Bubble, which is problematic as it doesn’t enable looking it up on the Google Maps plugin.

Any suggestions?

Thanks you!

This is the reason I’m going to have to cancel my trial period and leave Bubble and try and find something else. I want to make an app that uses mapping but using data from Airtable. Real shame the plugin doesn’t let you set a field as geographic.

Use the API Connector instead of the plugin

I saw someone had written that on a previous thread but honestly have no idea what that means.

It is the API Connector plugin (should just be built into the editor), made by Bubble, and is used to interface with (pretty much) any external service that has a REST API

So you would need
Bubble docs: API Connector - Bubble Docs
Airtable API Docs Airtable Web API

Looks pretty straightforward just looking over the Airtable docs :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your helpful response, but it does still look complicated to me. I wouldn’t know where to start with the Airtable API Docs which is why I was looking for a no code option.

But there is a larger point here, why have Bubble made it so difficult? A problem has been pointed out by the community two years ago and nobody has made a point to remedy it, or even response to some posts about this issue. Is it so hard to add a geographic field type into the Airtable plugin?

There will lose my business (and most likely all the others that have written about this issue) as a result of their failing to update the platform to help customers do the tasks they need to do easily.

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I agree this should just have the geographical address option, especially as a 1st party plugin it should get updates, etc. Most free plugins from other users get more feature requests and updates :laughing:

I don’t know code either (I’m stupid) but at some point I needed the API Connector for a bunch of stuff and you might need it at some point too :man_shrugging:

haha appreciate the response and maybe I will give it a go if I can’t find anything else on my search!

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