Does Bubble support PaylPal or is it only Stripe?

I’m based in Los Angeles, CA but am trying to operate my app inside my home country of Laos and stripe doesn’t work there. Does Bubble offer the option of using PayPal instead of Stripe?

Connect whatever you want through the API Connector or plugins


Yes! +1 @lakossaack’s comment. Bubble uses Stripe themselves so there is a Stripe plugin made by Bubble, but @copilot I believe has made a PayPal plugin which you can use. Alternatively, I believe Braintree also allows you to take PayPal, Venmo, Cards, etc…


Thank you so much guys for this information. I’m a little overwhelmed that I have to move my app over from Adalo which I’m 95% done building and have to start from scratch over at Bubble because Adalo only offers Stripe. I really appreciate you guys answering my question so quickly.

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No problem! Glad to help!