How to stop "do every 5 seconds" workflow?

I have a workflow on a page that runs every 5 seconds to check something, but has a ‘only when’ condition.

Even when the ‘only when’ condition is false, the workflow still runs every 5 seconds. I suppose that makes sense (it needs to run in order to check the condition?), but is there a way that I can disable/enable the workflow based on something else?

It only needs to do the check every 5 seconds for a short period of time, otherwise it is unnecessary workflows.

Schedule the workflow from another workflow which has the necessary condition attached

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Thanks - but if I am understanding correctly this would mean needing a backend workflow that can run every 5 seconds?

If you need to check something every 5 seconds, that’s likely what you need to do. But if you can do the check only when something else happens, that might be more efficient.

What is it that you need to check on every 5 seconds?

Thanks – I kinda detailed what I’m tackling here. Right now I am polling every 5 seconds.

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Is this simply for a single user, or multiple users? If you have hundreds of users, doing a backend check every 5 seconds ( PER USER), would be terrible. But if you would be able to do a single backend check every 5 seconds that checks for all your users, that’s totally ok.

Well, how would you even do a backend check every 5 seconds? That doesnt seem to be supported by recurring workflows.

just call the workflow again at the end of the workflow, for 5 seconds from now.

Oof ok – not sure if its a huge improvement over what Im doing now, but appreciate the help!

well the biggest benefit is that its not running through the browser. but only you can decide if that is a benefit.

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How short?

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