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Do every 5 seconds

Hi. I’m trying to setup a workflow to get and store data from an external API every 60 seconds using the workflow rule. I map the data from the API to Create a new thing in the table, but no new data is being added to the table.

Any thoughts on what’s happening here?

Is it possible to share a link or duplicate it in a public app? It’s difficult to say what can be wrong without seeing.

Sure. Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Can you provide a link to the development side?

Here’s a link to the development site:

It’s the workflow for “Do every 60 seconds”

It works fine. I’ve had your app open in preview mode for 5 min and every 60 seconds it updates your database.
Have a look in your app data. It won’t update if your app is not running and you won’t notice it working if you don’t display it anything.

I’ve added a repeating group to show it works. How do you want to display the data? You might want to rethink how you’ve structured the data.

When I have it in preview mode it does not appear to be updating. I manually click the button the page at 2:10pm, but since then no new data has been pulled.

What do you mean by "if you app is not running…wouldn’t it be running once the workflow is deployed?

Sorry, bad choice of words on my side. When it’s in preview mode. It’s been updating since 8:14pm (my time), even when it’s not in preview mode.
I worked on this one that you shared.